Netapedia: Know your neta

A group of IIT Bombay students and alumni has started a website called as Netapedia:Know your neta, which aims to be a one-stop destination for answers related to Indian Politics and Politician.netapedia-online-encylopedia-about-Indian-neta

About Netapedia

Site was launched last year on October 13 and received 21000 unique visitors till now. Netapedia has all the information about Indian Politicians, their history,biographical info, the votes they pooled, Education qualification,Legal record and other information.

All information which are there are based on the affidavits filed by the them before election.Site also collect information from Election commison Website and MPLAD reports.

About Netapedia Team

There are 9 members till now across the country. Some of the contributing founder name are Premjeet Kumar, Sidharth Mishra and Gaurav Shah.


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