How to: Embed a Tweet in your Website

Learn How to embed any Tweet in your HTML webpages or WordPress website by simple steps. You have seen many top website embedding tweets to their website,so here I’m sharing tips to embed a tweet. If you want to embed a tweet in your website then you have two options either use a WordPress plugin to or Copy & paste method embed tweets on any third-party website. If you are not using WordPress then second option will help you in embedding tweets in your website.

Advantages of Embedding Tweets in your website

  • Don’t have to take screen-cast to show any tweet.
  • Show tweets in attractive way.
  • Enabling options for viewers to, re-tweet,reply, favorite, and follow easily from the rendered view.

Methods to Embed a Tweet in your website

1)  Embed a Tweet by Copy & paste HTML method

  • Go Twitter and open any tweet that you want to embed, then click “details” and it will show embed option.
  • Now click “Embed this Tweet”. Now a window will pop-up showing options to customize embedded tweets.
  • After customization copy the whole HTML code and paste it anywhere on your website to show embedded tweet.

2) Embed a Tweet by using WordPress plugin.

You can find many plugin to embed a tweet in WordPress post or pages,but Twitter Embed is a good plugin to embed tweets. To embed a tweet by using a plugin just copy a link to a tweet on twitter and paste it anywhere in your post or page editor and you will see that it automatically renders and show embedded tweet.


  1. If you want embed tweets from different people into a single page, then try QuoteUrl which will group your different tweets.
  2. If you want to embed a list of tweets in your webpages then try Twitter widget list powered by twitter Goodies.
  3. You can also show embedded tweet with Twitter’s oEmbed endpoint.

Resources: Embedded Tweets

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