Welcome to my Personal Blog.

Welcome to my Personal blog. Ankitkumar.name is my personal blog where I will share my Personal experience and knowledge.

About ME

Ankit KumarHello I’m Ankit Kumar a student from Mumbai,India. I love internet, Gadgets, WordPress etc very much. I’m blogging since two year and the experience was Great. I also blog at Dohack, where I write about Technology,Internet and How-To Guides.

Reason for Blogging

I’m blogging due to my passion and my love to internet. This blog is created to share my views and Knowledge across the globe.


I’m a bit Tech Savvy and a Geek who loves to explore new thing. I’m not professional but I have knowledge of  HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and WordPress. I also design Web Templates and Graphics through Photoshop.

Connect Me

You can find me on Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Or Send me an email to me at ankit[at]ankitkumar.name.

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