Angry Birds now available on Facebook to play

Angry birds now available on Facebook to play for free. Angry-bird has to be launched today on the eve of Valentine’s Day as per schedule but launched a day early.


Angry bird on facebook






Now you can play Angry Birds along with social networking with new features and powers to destroy pigs.

What New in Angry Birds on Facebook

#1 Power-Ups in Angry Birds

Powers-Up are four special powers given to you so that you can destroy pig in the field. You can use two power-ups per level. All power-ups have different uses and thus gives us more power to destroy pigs.

Four Power-Ups are:

  1. Super Seeds- increases the size of the bird
  2. King Sling- increases the initial launch speed
  3. Sling Scope- allows you to see a large part of a bird’s trajectory
  4. and Birdquake- shakes the ground in any level.

2# Invite & Challenge your friends

You can send invite to your friend to play Angry Bird on Facebook.

3# Send Free gifts as Power-Ups in Angry birds

You can send and receive power-ups as gifts from your friends via the Mystery Gift.Limit is one gift per friend per day.

#4 Angry Bird Shop

You can buy power-ups and other bonus at Angry birds Shop by using either real money or Facebook credits.

Demo How Angry Birds Works on Facebook

To play Angry bird on Facebook click here. Also See FAQs related Angry bird on Facebook.

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